Raleigh Friends Meeting
625 Tower Street, Raleigh, NC 27607, (919) 821-4414
All are welcome at Meeting for Worship each First-Day (Sunday) at 10 AM


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Please visit the new website. Once everything at the new website is ready, our tentative plan is to retire the current website. Please send any input regarding the website to Bill Moore (bill@nzmoore.com). For an interim period (maybe a matter of months) the old address will either come here or send you directly to the new site.

20th Anniversary Celebration

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Who are the builders of, and worshippers at this meeting house? Are we only a sect of the past, or do we really still exist today?

We, who have been called Seekers of the Truth, Quakers, and Friends, are members of the Religious Society of Friends. Yes, we are a sect, but we do not separate ourselves from the world around us.

We believe that God is present in every person and that peace is preferable to war. We gather in silent communal worship to wait on the Spirit of God. Sometimes It moves us in other ways.

We have no formal creed, no ritual, dogma, or liturgy. Instead, to help us follow Divine guidance we pose, both individually and corporately, searching queries; we strive to trust to love, rather than react to fear; we work towards peace because we believe it is the only way; we are led to implement our concerns for equal rights for all. Many of us have been drawn to this religion - Quakerism - because of its dual commitment to spiritual awareness and social action.

These beliefs are not always easy to hold, nor to honor with action, but our search has led us to commit ourselves to them.

Perhaps this approach of Friends could be helpful and meaningful to you. We welcome you to accept our invitation to search with us at this or any other meeting house or place. If you wish, please come to join with us for worship. Your children are also welcome either at Meeting for Worship or First Day (Sunday) School.

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Tri-fold brochure sheets (PDF files): Raleigh Friends Meetng; Introducing Quakers (by Gordon Browne); Some Issues that Friends (Quakers) Led on or Heavily Contributed Leadership To; Life in the Meeting: Centering
Minutes: Opposition to NC Constitution Proposed Amendment One; Death penalty; Marriage, Rights of Public Employees
Thoughts for meditation and prayer: Lord's prayer; Fear, "Worship-Sharing", Help me God, Sowing Clover, A Collection of Thoughtful Quotes