[Chaos-l] STS-133

Tony Rice rtphokie at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 12:44:38 EDT 2010

For any of you following the STS-133 (next to last, or maybe next to
next last) shuttle mission and the launch delays it's experiencing
(all technical so far, first in the orbital maneuvering system, most
recently in the main engine electrical system), you might find some of
this interesting.

The launch is currently scheduled for Thursday at 3:29pm EDT.  The
weather does not look good however with winds, rain and low clouds
forecasted.  Simliar launch windows are available for a couple more
days after which they'll likely have to stand down for a while
(measured in weeks if memory serves) before the ISS orbit takes it
back into a favorable position for shuttle rendezvous.

Latest weather forecast specific to shuttle launch criteria (from the
Air Force):

Launch Weather Commit Criteria (from NASA)

-Tony Rice
CHAOS (and shadow RAC member)

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