[Hpsd-rennet] Possible Program on Electrical Work

John Dagenhart jdag at clappresearch.com
Tue Jan 23 17:39:08 EST 2007

I’m currently working with Danny Thomas, Durham’s Chief Electrical Inspector
on putting together some kind of training regarding electrical work and home

This email is intended to determine the desired interest, possible topics,


1.	Would you be interested in coming to such a program?
2.	What topics would you like to have covered? Keep it simple. We can’t
be training people to be expert electricians or electrical engineers, so
topics will be limited.
3.	What length program would you think would be appropriate? A couple
of hours? ½ day? 
4.	Would you be willing to pay a small fee to PD for attending?
5.	Would you be willing to attend on a weeknight?
6.	Would you like to receive training that would enable you to take
(and pass) the test given by the Inspections Department so you can do your
own work?


I will be looking for emails from all of you who are interested.  


John Dagenhart, P.E.

jdag at clappresearch.com

http://www.clappresearch.com <http://www.clappresearch.com/> 


Toll free 877.491.1500

Clapp Research P.C.

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6112 Saint Giles Street

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