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It is sad that our Historic Preservation is being represented by Jimmy  
Yellock/Universal Trades and has him talking at workshops with the  WTVD Unlicensed 
Contractor Scam that caught him committing the crime again  just as he did 
take that ladies money, forged another contract (he did even if  he had someone 
else forge her name) and abandoning her project, shoddy  work and damaged her 
home acting as a licensed contractor. You can  tell on both TV segments that 
he is guilty! He almost burned down  this ladies house hiring an uncompetent 
electrical contractor and not  obtaining permits and is not a contractor to hire 
subs, cutting Duke Energy  lines from the transformer and not even contacting 
Duke Energy! He and the  electric contractor were found guilty by the NC 
Electricians  Board, the NC General Licensing Bureau is seeking indictment against 
 Jimmy Yellock/Universal Trades and his scams acting as a licensed contractor 
and  he is not.  Also this man has a 14 page criminal history from breaking  
and entering, permanent revoked license/DUI's and still driving, assault on a  
female, worthless checks and has been sentenced doing time in prison more  
than 9+ times. I'm sure Durham's Historic Preservation can find a  better/ real 
licensed contractor that will represent and give our  citizens  honest and 
true information on restoration, paint, restoring  older homes etc... versus 
using a con-artist, smooth talker and  criminal/perputrator to conduct a 
workshop!!! Background checks would help for  the safety of our homes and citizens!!!

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