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I have a press release about this--see below.  NC ECHO is surveying Durham County in November-December of this year and hopes to get a meeting with Josh Parker and some of the others who are listed as being involved in the planning of this Durham History Museum.


                    TIM PYATT  BEN SPELLER  MAYME WEBB

10 May 2005

DURHAM-   Proponents of a History Museum in Durham moved one step closer to
realizing  a  goal  of many Durham citizens today by asking the Durham City
Council  and  Durham  County  Commissioners  for their help in paying for a
Museum Planning Document and Market Analysis.

A  Durham History Museum has been an important topic of conversation in the
Durham  community  for  as  long  as  many people can remember, but has had
little  direction.  Since the mid-1990's a history museum has been a highly
ranked  need  on  the  priority list for cultural amenities in Durham.  The
recently  completed  Cultural Master Plan makes a Durham History Museum the
number one priority for cultural facilities.

The  Historic  Preservation  Society  of  Durham  formed the History Museum
Steering Committee in November of 2004 to begin the process of establishing
a   history   museum/center   in  Durham.   The  Steering  Committee  began
interviewing  industry  experts  and community leaders in an effort to open
the  dialogue  around the history museum.  After several months of research
the Steering Committee decided that the best course of action was to seek a
museum  professional  to lead an open community process that will determine
just what the history museum will be.

"We  know that we want our area Universities will want to play a major role
in  the development and operation of a history museum so that the important
legacy  of  Durham  can be shared and studied in a scholarly setting," said
Barbara  Lau,  Community  Programs  Director for the Center for Documentary
Studies  at  Duke  University, "and we know that the community will want to
participate  in  shaping and developing the museum as an important cultural

The  Steering  Committee  asked  the  Joint  City/County  Committee  for  a
commitment  of  $80,000  and  indicated  they will work to raise additional
funds  privately.   "This type of investment up front is imperative to do a
project of this magnitude right and we want to do it right by engaging many
members  of  the  community;  it  is  really  a  strong  investment  for  a
community,"  said  Reyn  Bowman,  a  committee  member and President of the
Durham  Convention  and  Visitors Bureau.  Money for projects like this has
already  been  set  aside through state legislation and funded by a special
tax on overnight visitors to Durham.

The  Steering  Committee  hopes  to  receive a commitment of funds and move
forward  with  an  RFP process to select the best service at the best value
for Durham's citizens. "We really want to get moving on this process", said
Ben  Speller who serves on the committee representing NCCU and Hayti, "this
community  has  talked  about  it for a long time and we really need to see
some action before too many of our historical treasures are lost."

The History Museum Steering Committee will be conducting community meetings
to  seek  feedback  in  the  coming months and dates will be released soon.
Anyone   seeking   more  information  is  urged  to  contact  the  Historic
Preservation Society at 919.682.3036

For More Information:
Josh Parker                                     John Compton
Convener                                        Executive Director
Durham History Museum Steering Committee        Historic Preservation
919.201.2360      919.682.3026
josh at parker.nextelbroadband.net

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I posted this inquiry to the NC Museums Council listserv and have received
no response, so I thought I'd try you guys. It seems like I heard somewhere
that plans were underway for a Durham city history museum and/or historical
society of some type. Does anyone know if that's the case, and if so, how I
can find out more about it?

Many thanks,

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